The future of N is as bright and colourful as the game itself. Okay, it's actually way more colourful -- the game is pretty gray. Watch for more updates on Metanet's devblog!

Check out what's new in version 2.0, which is and always will be 100% free:

  • Account System
    Creating an account is totally free. This gets you access to the vast N level database, where you can store all of your levels for free, as well as storing your progress so you can access it from whichever computer you log in on. The database also stores highscores for every level -- both built-in and user-created!

  • Ned (N-editor)
    We've made tons of improvements to Ned, N's built-in editor -- it's no longer a beta! We've retained many of the keyboard shortcuts you're used to, but also added a GUI in case you need to brush up (or learn them for the first time). Ned is accessible from the Levels menu when you're logged in.

  • Level Sharing
    N is fully integrated with NUMA's spiritual successor. Now you can share, rate and play levels directly in N v2.0. You can also share the URL to your level on twitter, facebook or whatever social thing you're into. Check out the Levels menu when you're logged in for all this and more.

  • FUN-lockables(TM)
    All your favourite FUN-lockables are back, plus now when you beat a column of episodes in regular play you FUN-lock Arcade Mode -- an extra challenge for expert players.

  • Levels
    N v2.0 contains a mix of brand-new levels for you to enjoy, plus a best-of from N v1.4, N+ XBLA and N+ DS/PSP, PLUS a whack of some great user-made levels. And on top of that you can make your own!

  • 2-player Local Multiplayer
    New in v 2.0, now you can enjoy co-op multiplay locally with your friends. Configure the keys on the Settings menu and press 'n' when you're ready to play single levels or episodes.

We're taking on the job of hosting a dedicated server for N for as long as we can, and it's completely free to users. Want to help us continue to host the level and highscore database? Consider sending us a few bucks via paypal.

We really appreciate your support!

The new N 2.0 codebase has undergone two prior revisions, in the form of N Arcade Special Edition (available only on the Torontron and the various Winnitrons) and the N Holiday Contesque. We held an open beta and fixed a whole bunch of bugs in 2012-2013, and it's finally ready for you to enjoy! N v2.0 will be the best browser version of N weve taken it as far as we can within that (somewhat limiting) framework. To take N even further, check out the plus versions, N+ and the upcoming N++. Read on!

From N, to N+

N+ will rock your world. The plus in N+ means new levels, several amazing modes of multiplayer, sweet next-gen graphics on the Xbox version and neat pixel art on the DS/PSP versions -- what more could you ask for? Click these links to find out more about N+ on Xbox360 LIVE! Arcade, and on Nintendo DS and Sony PSP. Get your hands on a copy and give it a try!

Onward to N++

N++ is going to be the last, and it will be the best. N++ follows in the tradition of N+ and improves on it; its a bigger, better, more fully-featured version, with everything N has, plus plus: New levels, new graphics, new sound, new game modes N++ is an aspirational re-interpretation of the game, and were putting everything we have into it. We are using it as an opportunity to try out some new ideas weve been playing around with, to refine some existing game modes/mechanics and to finally perfect global level-sharing. N++ will fill a different niche, and allow us to explore some avenues were excited about that dont work in the web version. Check out the dedicated N++ website and watch Metanet's devblog for updates!